Head Cupcake

I've loved cupcakes for as long as I can remember.  I guess that I should back up and say that I've had a love for FROSTING for as long as I can remember.  While growing up, my mom would make, decorate and sell cakes.  I loved to watch her create her wonderful works of art.  Mom's frosting was and is the best!  She would have bowls of colorful frosting laid out and I would ask to taste each color.  She would tell me, "Julie, they all taste the same!"  I was sure that each color tasted a little different - purple frosting was my FAVORITE!

Enter CUPCAKES.  Cupcakes always meant a special occasion - school birthdays, bake sales, Girl Scout parties...  Each cupcake meant that you could have your own, personal little cake.  Cupcakes usually had some kind of sprinkles on them too - a party on a cake!  That's it!!  I was hooked!!

Now, I love sharing my obsession my others.  It's so much fun to experiment with flavors and to create my own little works of art.  Cupcakes always make people smile and I hope that my cupcakes will have people grinning from ear to ear!

                                                        Cupcake wishes &
                                                      Buttercream Dreams,